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Ordered necklace on May 1 @ 9:00pm cst. Item came in on May 15th and site stated guaranteed by Mother's Day.

After waiting for response they said 7 days plus 4 to manufacture from receipt of money. That's 11 days. Yet it took 14 days. The item didn't even get received by the post office until after Mother's Day.

11 days after ordering. Not very happy customer. Have screenshot of guarantee by mothers day webpage.

Need to file suit for false advertising.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mynamenecklace Necklace.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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people need to stop trying to say companies are trying to rip them off when it's clear that the poster doesn't under what a "working day" is. just because you might work on a weekend.

in the business world when it relates to shipping in this case they do NOT count weekends. so if it says "overnight" or "next day" if you do it on a weekend you won't get it till mon or tuesday at the earliest.

now in this case they clearly said 7 working days + 4 days to manufacture. you need to stop whining and take some responsibility for your inability to read/understand what you're doing when you spend money

to Anonymous #1002809

Uhm okay I understand that but if they tell you one thing and do the opposite, don't you think it should be some repercussions? For example in my case , I receive the right watch but the 7 is not accurate..

and when they say they will resend a new one & never do or get back to you with an email & does not answer your call or call you back after leaving a message, I say that's some shady sh*t , correct? Correct.. so please stay in your lane about someone "complainning " or "whining " about a order if it's not done right. & you loosing money over dumb sh*t ..

be responsible of your words. Thank you

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1002821
Great...JUST ordered a ring from them ...and now am reading all of these horror stories about this company...seems like i'll either a)not get the product b)get the wrong one c) wont receive the ring until 5 months from now or d)it will shatter :(
So mad that I didn't do the research.

Dear Customer,

I apologize for any inconvenience caused. At the time you placed your order, on 5/2, the delivery guarantee were only for orders where customers selected the UPS option and not USPS.

I, again, apologize if that was not clear enough.

Also, it takes 4 business days to manufacture (excluding weekends). Your order was made on 5/2 (a Saturday) and shipped to you on 5/7 (a Thursday), which is within the deadline. And you did receive your order within 7 business days of it being shipped.

It says on the order page that you need to allow for business days, we were very clear about that. We are not trying to scam our customers or provide them with false advertisement.

We remain honest and upfront about the goods and services we offer.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at my personal email - shira@mynamenecklace.com

Best Regards,

Shira Lansing Customer Service Manager MyNameNecklace

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