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I ordered a name necklace for a friend, and had problems with my credit card- or SO i thought. After the payment page, it got to a page that said the transaction was complete and an email would be sent, but the email never came.

a few days later I received an email payment saying that it did not get through. It told me to proceed to the payment page again to make the payment, and I did. They payment page said that the card could not be proceed, and i tried this twice. I emailed their customer service to inform them of this and they suggested I pay via paypal which I did.

Finally they received my paypal transaction and sent me the item two weeks later. Meanwhile, my credit card and bank statements came in and i noticed that i had FOUR charges to this one particular item. I emailed the mynamenecklace customer service asking them for help to refund the extra charges. I gave them all my details and have been chasing them weekly since October.

They same agent has replied me 3 times to say he is sorry he that it hasn't been processed and needs my details because he cannot find the transaction. He has done this 3 times. In between he has also emailed me to say 'please ignore my previous email as we have located your transaction'. the best part is this is ALL in the email thread.

They show clear disinterest in the customer, they do not even bother to read the entire email thread before they reply me. just poor, absolutely poor customer service

Product or Service Mentioned: Mynamenecklace Necklace.

Monetary Loss: $132.

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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I am very sorry for this inconvenience. I would really love to help you with your issue. Can you give me your order number and I will deal with this issue promptly.




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