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I ordered two engraved name necklaces in October from mynamenecklace.com totalling over 290.00! I still have not received either necklace.

The company is impossible to get a hold of. When I call its only an old school answering machine. My emails are answered very generically. They admitted to shipping my order to the wrong address in another state, and still have done nothing to correct it.

The credit card charge shows up as Tenengroup LTD, as if thats not shady! These people suck! I'm trying to get my money back! Don't order from them!

To make matters worse, I believe they are located out of Israel! Good luck there!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mynamenecklace Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $290.

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to OliverGoldfinger #797784

They are located in Israel. You have to keep on emailing them once you got an email that your order was taken don't delete keep on emailing them and emailing in them in the emailing and they will eventually answer via I've reported them to the Better Business Bureau.

to OliverGoldfinger Manchester, England, United Kingdom #935214

Oliver Goldfinger

Your company has left over 10 messages of mine unanswered, including a telephone message.

The necklace I recieve is not of good quality the chain very week and flimsy, the weight I was told would be 4.6g in an email from your staff called Natasha Smith, but my necklace weighs 2.8g and NOT 4.6g.

There is also NO hallmark on my so professed claimed 14ct gold necklace, this is questionable after the comments I have read from everyone else on this website.

I'm still waiting to hear from you as I sent you an email directly to oliver@mynamenecklace.com from my gmail account, no answer as yet, why am I not surprised there!

I'm still waiting to hear from Natasha Smith also, she's been ignoring my emails for two days now.

I was told I would get a full refund but I doubt that also since she won't give me the return address so I can send it back to the company.

I feel ignored and scammed. Rose

Scarisbrick, Scarisbrick, United Kingdom #796461

I have ordered a necklace yesterday from this company-does this mean I wont get it and they have taken my money? if so, how the *** are they still allowing them to get away with it??


I too feel like I have been scammed!! I ordered a name necklace back in January I did receive it however the package came from Israel which I found odd, says nothing about Israel on the website, only says Canada!

I just recieved my credit card statement and I've notice it comes up Tenengroup ltd tel aviv isr, they charged me $205.27...

Double the amount of the necklace!!!

I will never order anything from that website again!!!


I ordered a necklace from them Dec 30th and rec'd it today - it is NOT what the description said and now I can't even find it on their website. I will be returning it and taking the 30% loss.


I ordered three necklaces for my granddaughters for Christmas. Through no fault of mynamenecklace.com they did not arrive in time for Christmas.

Mynamenecklace.com gave me a 20% credit.

I am happy with the product and it was packaged sweetly for my granddaughters.

When I received my confirmation e-mail they did state the bill would from Tenengroup. I wasn't aware they were from Tel Aviv and was surprised when I received my credit card statement to see the international charge.


I also ordered a necklace from them thinking they were from ny or at least in the US. Necklace was received but when I received my statement I also noticed Tel Aviv along with an international tax fee. Very shady!!

Winter Springs, Florida, United States #758954

Order# 50492525 a My Name Necklace ...tinoanne@ yahoo.com .... To whom do I return them ???? Please give me the procedure on to return the necklaces...The Company Name, the Address and the location ....


I was billed correctly (I confess to being startled at the Tenengroup charge but when I found it was for MyName, I was satisfied). A brief examination of the necklaces showed them to be of good quality for the amount I paid.

I received a confirmation email and the items arrived promptly and they are wrapped for Christmas gifts for my grand daughter. I have no complaints.


Looks like I've just copped the same deal. When I saw Tel Aviv on my statement I started to worry..


hi im still waiting for my necklace which was promised by xmas i wish i read these review before i sent my detail by pay pal my name necklace you need to lift your game and facebook needs to get rid of you i cant believe that your advertisement shows up as im complaining about you it soooo funny send me my necklace NOW NOW NOW NOW i dont care were your from and it had better be good quality


I purchased a necklace for my niece's birthday. I did receive a confirmation email, the product was delivered within the promised time frame, and shipping was free.

I have no complaint other than the mysterious credit card charge from Tenengroup Tel Aviv. A quick google search revealed it to be MyNameNecklace, but still, in this day and age of identity theft it initially freaked me out.

Why wasn't the charge listed as MyNameNecklace? I hate it when companies do that.


Made a purchase and was unaware of where I was makeing the purchase from. Looked at my bank statement and was shocked to see that it was Tel Aviv.

I also noticed another charge for .39 extra, separate from the charge on the receipt I received via email. What was that for?

A littel worried that I might be getting scammed myself. Bought a bracelet for a friends b-day, guess we will see if she gets it in time.


Good blog http://www.necklace.com/


I just received a bracelet from my sister she ordered for my birthday as a surprise. I live in Australia she lives in England, I'm not sure if its the same for others but they charged her 24.95 AUD which for a tiny rope (which is described as leather in the invoice!) bracelet which may I add is far to small for me and I have tiny wrists.

It doesn't even fit my nieces wrist who is 7 it's absolutely pathetic. Another issue, I hadn't a clue who had sent me it as no note was inside the package which my sister had added to the order.

It's not as described at all it's so disappoint for my sister who went to the effort of surprising me and rubbish to try and get hold of them for a refund! Good luck to everyone else chasing your ordered products from these people they are unreliable!

Norway, South Carolina, United States #741221

i received my order too, after 2 weeks, it came from tel aviv in israel, so i don't understand what happened to this people who didin't get their goods.

Gadsden, Alabama, United States #700621

I have not recieved my order - what do i do???? And on my paypal account it seems that my money was paid to the TENENGROUP LTD TEL AVIV IS ISR - as well.


I also don't have a confirmation email?


to Anonymous Phoenix, Arizona, United States #700819

Hi. I'm the one who wrote the original complaint about My Name Necklace.

Although I did have EXTREME difficulties with this company I finally did get my necklace. I would never order from this company again. It is impossible to get a hold of customer service and there was definitely some shadiness going on with this company. Keep following up with emails and phone calls.

Let them know you're not going anywhere.

I hope it works out for you.


I purchased with them and all was fine, i dnt understand you guys maybe u better check your junk mail folder cause they answer! Yes they are located in israel so what?

is it a problem for you? So would it sound better if they are located in Afghanistan owned by taliban terrorists?

Did non of you hear about late delivery? my god please you are just pissed cause you spend 40 bugs and you expect diamonds.

to P***ooo #798711

I agree with Pazzooo. I have ordered from them several times and always gotten a confirmations and my products within a reasonable time. Don't see that their location is a problem.

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