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I ordered two engraved name necklaces in October from mynamenecklace.com totalling over 290.00! I still have not received either necklace.

The company is impossible to get a hold of. When I call its only an old school answering machine. My emails are answered very generically. They admitted to shipping my order to the wrong address in another state, and still have done nothing to correct it.

The credit card charge shows up as Tenengroup LTD, as if thats not shady! These people suck! I'm trying to get my money back! Don't order from them!

To make matters worse, I believe they are located out of Israel! Good luck there!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mynamenecklace Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $290.

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Similar story - money taken via Paypal but no confirmation email and now they're saying they have no record of my order.




NO REFUND. BUYER BEWARE. PREYS ON YOUR LOVE FOR YOUR MOTHER,DESPICABLE. Check out visitors on their Facebook pages, happens ALL THE TIME!תתבייש לך.

אתה גונב מן האמהות והאבות שלנו. Global Website www.tenengroup.com Founders ZUR EREZ Chairman & RAN EREZ on LinkedIN


Massive scam. Don’t go here. You will do your money cold.

to Anonymous #1483117

I got my order


I ordered a three Disc Necklace for my wife, i paid $349 for the solid gold necklace. the money was payed with my PayPal account.

However a few days later when i was trying to track my order, i realized they did not email me an confirmation email. i only have my PayPal confirmation email of money being paid. I tried to find their phone number, and that was a wild goose chase. I finally found out that they are part of "tenengroup" out of Israel.

I found that phone number +972 8-922-3791 and called it, I only get a person who does not speak one word of English "not one word, not even hello.

I have emailed them through their on-line customer service website and still no one replies to me. Not sure what my next steps are?

to Elie G #1483123

Tenengroup LTDTom Ericsson16 IZMARGAD ST8202042 KIRIAT GATISRAELShipping is through DHL signature required for express shipping.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #943482

I received mine from the Israel address. The shipping took a couple of weeks to Sydney, Australia. Am very happy with their service and quality of necklaces.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada #935851

Mine came from Israel although it took a long time to arrive. I love it so far!

Amarillo, Texas, United States #911353

I am awaiting my product, but I will say this, they are outside the country and my credit card company charged me a 3$ processing fee for this!


I ordered two infinity wrist bracelets for me and my partner when

they arrived one was broke and the other broke when tryin it on

they are very poorly made and the metal infinity sign is thinner

than a penny coin the links aint properly connected and snap

at the slightest thing tryin to get my money back is like tryin to get blood from

a stone I wouldnt get anythin from them again also said uk based and its actually israel not a happy customer at all


I totally agree with Ray, necklace was poor quality, broken when received , sent back for a replacement and was replaced with a second one in two pieces, promised a refund, which they state was processed in february, still have not received it..totally a scam,, BEWARE !!! if i had known this company was not 100% australian i would never have bought from them..

to Jenny #798223

Dear Jenny,

I am sorry that this is how you feel.

However, I can assure you that our company is not a scam.

We ship thousands of jewelry items and receive a lot of good feedback from our customers all over the world.

However, if a customer chooses to replace or return an item, we will always offer an immediate solution.

I can assure you that your refund will be done. If you have specific questions or complaints, you can always contact our customer service which reply to every email usually within 24 hours or contact me directly.

We take our business very seriously and we are here to assist with any problem. Sincerely, Oliver Goldfinger Customer Support Manager My Name Necklace oliver@mynamenecklace.com

to OliverGoldfinger #935162

I've only just realised that I'm having the same problems with this company, I feel cheated and scammed also, my necklace is not as described by the retailer, they are also ignoring all my messages, no one answers the telephone, I doubt now that my necklace is even gold, either way I am not happy with my order at all.

to OliverGoldfinger Brooklyn, New York, United States #1053508

I just received a huge bulk order of around 30 envelopes contains people's orders. I never ordered they were shipped by Tony Ericsson in Kiryat Gat Israel.

Something very strange is going on and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with all these peoples orders.

The phone number is bogus and when I googled Tony Ericsson and Tenengroup Ltd. this page came up.

to C Miller #1053509

Oops it's Tom Ericsson.

to C Miller #1053811

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly contact me to my direct email as soon as possible to resolve this situation as soon as possible. Thank you for your attention in this case.


to OliverGoldfinger #1393060

Oliver, I have this question for you. Where exactly is your office located?

Is your office in Israel or outside Israel?

Can you give me your contact number or Customer Service Contact number? Why are you using usps to mail out packages?


I had ordered a necklace from them. The company is located in Israel.

It took me weeks and weeks to finally get my money back.

They took a fee I think they called it a return fee. I would never ever order from this company

to Los #797786

Dear Customer,

We do not charge any extra fee. If such a fee was charged on top of what was written on our site, we will immediately refund it.

You can contact me directly to my email below and I can assure you that any such issue will be resolved as quickly as possible.


Oliver Goldfinger

Customer Support Manager My Name Necklace oliver@mynamenecklace.com


Dear customers,

I would like to stress that every order we receive is being handled with the utmost care !

We produce and ship thousands of jewelry items daily to every country in the world.

If for somewhat reason you have not received our confirmation email or have any inquiry or question you can contact our customer service directly from our site, or email me directly to my email below.

I can assure you that we will never leave a customer unanswered.

Sincerely, Oliver Goldfinger Customer Support Manager My Name Necklace oliver@mynamenecklace.com

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