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I ordered a sterling silver name necklace, but it arrived broken. The chain was also kinked.

I immediately emailed mynamenecklace.com for resolution. However, 3 weeks later, still no response! On top of that, they don't tell you that they're an international company. I was blind-sided by "international fees" being debited from my bank account without my permission.

This information wasn't disclosed at the time I placed my order. Very shady, so I'll NEVER do business with them again. At this point, all I want is a refund!!!

Mynamenecklace.com? You have an extremely PISSED customer on your hands!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mynamenecklace Necklace.

Location: Windsor Mill, Maryland

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Same thing happened to me and I ordered my necklace in April and they only emailed me once stating that there sorry and never heard anything back. I've been calling and emailing and have already sent a complaint to the BBB.

I'm am very upset. This place is a SCAM!!!


No, I am not satisfied!! The customer service has been horrible!

I Received the defective necklace on May 18, and you are just offering to send me a replacement last night - June 17. I will not be close to being satisfied until I actually receive a replacement. After all of this, I should get a replacement, and a refund!! I've been harassing you via email for a month, and you finally respond to me...yet you have time to post on Twitter.

Your company is HORRIBLE!

Buyers - beware!!!!!!! I'll repost once I receive "my name necklace".


Hi Gabbie,

I am so sorry for this inconvenience with this issue. We have spoken to you through emails, and it seems that the situation has been resolved in a way which I hope you are satisfied.



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